Hi, I’m Nicola, Physiotherapist (BPhty) & Wellness Coach

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Our bodies are always talking to us.

They tell us when we are hungry, thirsty or tired.  We know this means we need to eat, drink & rest.

But what about the chronic niggle in your lower back? The headache that comes on at 3pm each day.  The stiff neck. The sore shoulders.  The knot of anxiety in your stomach when you wake each morning. What are these messages trying to tell you?

Physical pain can be our body’s way of saying we are too stressed, too busy & not taking care of ourself.  It is our body’s way of telling us that our life is out of balance.

The problem is, when we ignore these physical signs, the body just keeps screaming louder until that little niggle turns into chronic pain or illness.

Are you prepared to let this happen?  Or is it time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you?

Nicola Judkins, Physiotherapist (BPhty) and Life Coach

Hi, I’m Nicola, Physiotherapist (BPhty), Wellness Coach, Speaker & Writer.

In the last 19 years working as a physiotherapist I have treated hundreds of women with problems such as migraines, sore necks, shoulder tightness and sciatica.

There are two things that always amaze me.  Just how long these women put up with pain before they do something about it.  And just how low a priority these women make themselves in their lives.

This needs to change!  

If you don’t start taking better care of yourself, create a better life balance and slow down, your body will start to break down.

That little niggle is going to turn into either chronic pain or illness.  That is the reality.

As a Physiotherapist (BPhty) and life coach I support women to feel better physically, tame their overactive minds & simplify their lives so they have more time & energy for the things they love.

I work with women to help them gain control of their body and mind, rather than their body and emotions controlling them.

My work is all about supporting women to improve not only their physical health, but their emotional health as well.  The mind and body are intimately connected.  What affects one, affects the other.

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