Interview with Karen Meyer from Heartfelt Jewellery

Interview with Karen Meyer from Heartfelt Jewellery

This month I was delighted to be able to interview the lovely Karen Meyer from Heartfelt Jewellery. Karen is one of the nicest people I know and I have truly appreciated her support for both my business and me over the past year.  So in return I wanted to tell you a little bit about the woman behind Heartfelt Jewellery, as well as give you the chance to win one of her beautiful necklaces (just keep reading to find out how).

Karen & I hope you enjoy this interview just as much as we have loved sharing it with you.  So lets get started …

For my readers who may not know you I’d love for you to start by telling us who you are, what you do and how you’re making a big impact in the world right now?

My name is Karen and I am the proud designer and owner of Heartfelt Jewellery. It’s a place where you can purchase meaningful jewellery for yourself or your loved ones. My creations empower people to blossom into their true self, and keeps them on track to live a life filled with gratitude and soul.

On your website you say that the core of Heartfelt Jewellery is to ‘Be True To You’, and always live life your way. Can you share with us how you incorporate this value into your own life and business?

I incorporate ‘being true to me’ into my life by making decisions on what I need, and not what others want me to be doing. It’s taken me a long time to be in a place of feeling that I have the right to decide how my life plays out, rather than it being dictated by others opinions.

With my business, I stay true to me by showing the world the real me (no holds barred) through Social Media. I’m authentic with the way I interact with others and with what I post on my Instagram page.

My jewellery is also a representation of different parts of my life and what I’ve learnt. Showing my truth through my designs keeps me on track with staying true to me and hopefully will encourage others to live their truth as well.

I know you make your jewellery with love to be an inspirational reminder. What is the reminder that you want those that wear your jewellery to know?

That they are in control of their lives and are the only ones that can make their dreams happen. Each person needs to step up, own their decisions and celebrate every single part of their wonderful self every day – no more being ashamed of their uniqueness.

Can you share with us a photo of your favourite piece of jewellery and the inspiration behind it?

Wow! That’s a hard one to answer because each time I create a new design it becomes my favourite. Hmmmm……I feel a bit like what I imagine a Mum would feel choosing a favourite child but here goes nothing.

Life's Journey BraceletThe ‘Life’s Journey’ bracelet was the very first piece I created using natural beads and is made with Malachite beads and Swarovski Crystals. The bracelet means to embrace your life with joy! Look back at your past with gratitude for lessons learned, appreciate the here and now, and look towards your future with hope.

This design was actually inspired by a friend and her positive attitude towards the hard times life was throwing at her. It’s my go-to gratitude tool and makes me smile with pride when wearing it.

I’d also love to know who, or what, truly inspires you in both your life and work?

There are so many amazing people I’ve encountered that have and continue to inspire me every day, so it’s difficult for me to pick just one. However in saying that … anyone that jumps over life’s difficult hurdles, learns something from those hard times and uses those lessons to better themselves, and make positive change, is completely inspirational to me.

I must say that I admire my husband more than he will ever know. From day one he has encouraged and supported me in every way he can. The proud look that comes beaming out of his eyes when introducing me as his wife fills my heart with happiness. He has never doubted or questioned me, not for even one minute, and when you have someone like that cheering you on you know that you have a one in a million guy. Sorry ladies but I’m keeping this amazing man forever.

I often purchase jewellery as an act of self-care. It’s just one way I show myself some love and remind myself that it is ok to do something nice for myself. I’d love to know what your favourite self-care practice is?

Admittedly self care has never been an easy thing for me as I tend to feel guilty when practicing it. There was a time where I made myself believe that I wasn’t worthy of taking time out for myself, as there were people around me that worked so much harder and were more deserving of doing so. I was afraid of being perceived as lazy.

Although I still need gentle and loving nudges from others to put things aside, and focus on what my body and mind needs from me, I have become a lot better in dedicating time for a bit of self loving (said she who is meant to be having a self care week, with no business stuff whatsoever, and is instead currently typing up answers to this interview *looks sheepish*).

Now back to the question at hand … my favourite self care practices are: reading as it gets me out of my ‘constant thinking and creating’ for just a bit; chilling at home with my husband with no Social Media or technology in sight; and having a good old yarn while playing board games or snuggling into the lounge together. Taking a bath is also a good way for me to zone out.

If there was one message you would like to share with everyone today, what would it be?

I suppose if there’s one life lesson I’ve learnt, and would like to share with everyone, it’s do not let your fears get in the way of trying new things or going for your dreams. By creating ‘Heartfelt Jewellery’ I’ve learnt things about myself that I wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t turned off the ‘you will fail’ tape, that was on a continuous loop in my head, and charged ahead with my idea.

And if people would love to connect with you, and support you in the work you do, where is the best place for them to find you?

Heartfelt Jewellery has a website ( with a contact page so please feel free to send me an email. When visiting the website you can also sign up to the Heartfelt Jewellery newsletter which gives you exclusive offers throughout the year. How cool is that?!

If you would like to keep in the know with what’s happening with Heartfelt Jewellery, then head on over to my Instagram account at

Your Chance To Win!

Sou Connection NecklaceFor your chance to win one of Karen’s beautiful ‘Soul Connection’ necklaces just tell me in the comments below what your favourite piece of jewellery and why.  The lucky person to win this necklace will be contacted on Saturday the 30th of July via email. 



And finally, I would love for you to tell us the meaning behind the ‘Soul Connection’ necklace?

Soul Connection:  Soul sisters are by our side through thick and thin.  They are our rock to steady us and our wings to lift us up towards our dreams.  These soulful women celebrate others.

Amethyst represents selflessness, strength and inner peace, and these are the exact qualities that all soul sisters possess. This stone is known for it’s powerful spirituality and protecting it’s wearer.

Professional Bio:

Karen MeyerWanting to help women become their best selves and celebrate how special they are, Karen created Heartfelt Jewellery around ten months ago. Her pieces are full of meaning, made with so much love and would be a perfect tool to remind anyone that they can achieve anything that they put their mind too. Heartfelt Jewellery has become a blessing in Karen’s life and she cherishes every moment that she gets to do work that lights her up every day.


  1. Favorite;
    lotus flower earrings since the lotus blooms from the mud. Like us blossoming from the tough stuff in life.

    • I love this Judy!

    • I love the Lotus Flower Judy. It’s symbolizes the growth within us nicely. That’s beautiful!

  2. I am moved by the “Life’s Journey” bracelet as it represents so much to me,to each one of us… My life has been anything but boring.. I’ve had great blessings.. I’m a mom,a wife,a sister and daughter,I’m a cancer survivor (yes!?) I’m a survivor… Life’s journey has been an incredible ride this far…

    • I love this Trish! In have worked with so many cancer survivors in the past and you guys are absolutely amazing and inspirational. I can completely understand why you are move the the ‘Life’s Journey’ bracelet.

    • I am so very touched Trish that the ‘Life’s Journey’ moves you. You are one inspirational lady especially with all that you have been through. Be proud of all that you have achieved and the special lady that you are.

  3. Karen is a lovely lady, I think I have seen her designs from the very first month that she started and she has continued to grow amazingly. It is so good to know her and her thoughts up close. My favorite piece of jewellery is bracelets and the Wishing Star bracelet which she sent to me as a gift is one of my favorite everyday pieces to wear and admire. And now that she has started making that piece from natural beads, it looks even more beautiful! ???
    Great interview, Nicola!

    • Thank you Fayha. The ‘Wishing Star’ bracelet is beautiful, isn’t it.

    • You are such a sweet soul Fayha. Your words are always supportive and so very kind. I am so very lucky to have beautiful people like you cheering me on. Thank You again for your kindness. I am so happy that you like your bracelet and enjoyed this interview. ?

  4. I should say that my engagement ring is my favourite piece because it truly is gorgeous and reminds me of how grateful I am to have my hubby in my life! My (second) favourite is a Samantha Wills amethyst necklace which was given to me by my best friends on my 30th birthday. It just confirms that they know me too well!

    • I cherish my engagement ring too Amanda. Isn’t Amethyst one of the most beautiful stones. I love working with it and can see why you love your necklace. Samantha Wills has such style and grace.


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