The Mind-Body Connection: What It Is & A Simple Practice To Strengthen It

The Mind-Body Connection:  What It Is & A Simple Practice To Strengthen It

Do you suffer from headaches or tight shoulders? Do you often feel anxious or suffer from digestive issues? Science is beginning to prove that there is a strong relationship between our mind and body. And that it’s the loss of connection between the two that may be the cause of our common physical symptoms.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about what the mind-body connection is. In today’s busy world many of us have lost the ability to understand the link between what we think and what we feel. I am also going to share with you one simple practice to help you begin to strengthen this connection again.

To get started I want you to take a moment to think about how your body feels in the following scenarios:

You’re about to go on a first date with the guy you thought was out of your league.

You are about to have an interview for a job you would love to get.

You are waiting for your meal at a restaurant you’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about.

You are about to submit a contract on your dream home.

You may experience butterflies in your stomach, a tight chest or sweaty palms. But these physical reactions tend to be transient. Once the situation is over your body goes back to it’s more relaxed state.

Now what if the scenarios were a little different? Take another moment to ask yourself how your body would feel in these situations:

Your in-laws are coming for dinner tonight. The kids are playing up, it’s 5pm, your husband is late home and the house looks like a disaster zone.

You are about to walk into a presentation for work. Your computer crashed late last night. You lost your whole presentation and you’ve only had two hours sleep because you had to rewrite it.

Life is busy. You have kids to get to school, a house to clean, meals to cook and a dog to walk. On top of that you have a part time job and you just volunteered to bake three items for the upcoming school fair. You found yourself saying yes to being on the PTA, your husband works late each night and you’re tired.

In these scenarios you are likely to be experiencing headaches and tight shoulders. Maybe digestive problems, fatigue or eczema.

When these symptoms are present in our body for a prolonged period of time they cause the most problems. But they are also the symptoms we have become disconnected from. Instead of making changes in our lives to eradicate them we pop a pill or keep pushing through.

These physical symptoms are important. They are our body’s way of sending us a message that something in our life is out of balance or not working. If you ignore them they will keep screaming at you louder and louder. Your body won’t stop until you either seek help or that niggle turns into chronic pain or illness.

So how can we begin to tune in and reconnect to the mind-body relationship? There are many different ways to do this, but I’m going to give you just one thing to do right now. Why? Because I don’t believe we can overhaul our lives all at once. It just causes more stress. I believe we need to try just one thing at a time. Commit to this practice and see if it works. If it does keep doing it. If it doesn’t, discard it and try the next thing.

This week I want you to meditate daily. Now, I can already hear you saying you don’t have time. This was an excuse I made for a long time as well. But it is only your ego’s way of trying to keep you stuck where you are. We can all find ten minutes in our day. It’s just ten minutes. That’s it. You just have to make the commitment to do it daily with no excuses.

So why mediation? There are two reasons I’m asking you to commit to this practice.

It will help you quiet your overactive mind. It will provide you with space to detach from your thoughts and just rest and relax. Imagine how nice that would feel, even for ten minutes a day.

It will help re-establish the connection between your mind and body. As you let go of the thoughts in your head you will begin to notice how your body feels. Your breathing may be shallow. Your shoulders may be up around your ears. Or you may realise that you are holding your body tight.

As you become aware of these signs in your body you can then let them go. Take deeper breaths. Relax your shoulders. Sink into your body.

This is the starting point of regaining a sense of balance. Of becoming more aware of what is working in your life and what isn’t. Of becoming conscious of what changes you need to make.

Now, if you are anything like me and my clients you may have tried meditation and found it hard to stick to. Often this is because our minds are always so busy. We find it hard to sit in silence without hundreds of thoughts popping in and out.

One of the ways I have been able to commit to a mediation practice is by using guided meditations. I have found that by having something to listen to it’s harder for my mind to jump all over the place. So I would recommend you start the same way.

At the moment I am using the ‘Breathe & Receive Meditation Album’ by Cassie Mendoza Jones.  This album has seven chakra-inspired guided meditations to heal, balance and align.  If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of this album you can do so by clicking on the picture below.

Breathe & Receive Meditation Album


I would also recommend experimenting with meditating at different times of the day . I like to meditate first thing in the morning just before I head off to work. This may not work for you. You may find it easier to meditate after dropping the kids off to school. Or before you go to bed at night. When you find a time that suits your routine stick to it.

And if you have kids at home during the day? Great … get them involved as well. Create a mediation corner in your home. Turn it into a game. And if they jump all over you and make a bit of noise it doesn’t matter. There is not right or wrong way to meditate. I believe that mediation is an important life skill we can teach our children to do early on in their lives.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be talking more about how to establish a greater mind-body connection. I will also be teaching you how to make small but effective changes in your life that stick. If you are keen on following along the best thing to do is sign up to my weekly letters so you don’t miss a post. It’s easy to sign up. All you need to do is click here and fill in your details.

When you do you will also receive my eBook, ‘Breathe, Feel & Ask’. This is another great resource for beginning to strengthen your mind-body connection.

It’s now up to you. Are you going to commit to start healing your body? To learn how to quiet your mind and begin living a healthier, happier life? I hope you say yes!

I would also love to know what your favourite guided meditation is. So please let me know by posting in the comments below. And if you have loved this post please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Yours in Healing & Health,


PS. I am an affiliate for Cassie’s mediation album. But only because I use it daily and am experiencing the benefits of it. I would never promote a product that I don’t use or fully believe in myself.

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